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Champions win medals
Champion lift Ministry launched in 2011.

Champion Lift is an outreasch ministry that involves Olympic style weightlifting. Rev. Ryan Morton, a twice British Masters Champion and qualified Olympic style weightlifting coach, also runs a gym for young Olympic lifters.

It's an outreach event that can be held in any place; churches, youth clubs, conferences, prisons, and also church fun days.

The event format

Ryan will demonstrate the lifts and then do some coaching and invite people to take part in a friendly, fun packed competition.

Everyone that lifts will be awarded a medal, the top three will be awarded trophies. Before presenting the medals Ryan will present the Gospel.

Champion Lift is an outreach with a DIFFERENCE! It attacts people in. We have been on tour since 2011 and continute to tour throughout the UK, reaching hundreds with the Gospel in churches, youth events, tent missions, conferences, prisons, in fact any where we are invited.

"...For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life..."

John 3:16

Champion Lift Ministry believes and preaches the profound truths of John 3:16 - That whoever we are, whatever we may have done, or where ever we are from, God does indeed love us and offers forgiveness to all who come to him, giving us eternal life through Jesus Christ.

On the Cross, Jesus, the Champion above all Champions, lifted the weight that no man could ever lift, the weight of our sins. He bore that burden for us, paying the price for our sins. We use Olympic Style Weightlifting skills to coach and encourage young people. Pointing, them whenever possible, to the greatest champion of all... Jesus.

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