Prison Outreach

A ministry with a difference. By means of Olympic Style weightlifting demos, coaching and competitions, we present the Gospel to many inmates who may never otherwise come to a chapel service.

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Olympic Weightlifting

We present the Gospel through the unique sport of Olympic style weightlifting. This can be adapted to suit a wide range of groups.

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The Gospel

Working with groups we aim to present the good news of Jesus Christ through testimonies demos, coaching and competitions.

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Youth Events

We hold youth events thoughout the UK. We demonstrate Olympic Style weightlifting and encourage youths to take part in competition with each other. Everyone who takes part gets a medal or trophy.

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Olympic Style Weightlifting

Introducing the correct way to lift

Our tutor demonstrates the correct way to warm up, and then demonstrates the art of Olympic weightlifting.

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Expert Tuition

Learn the correct way to lift weights safely.

Our expert tutor takes your throught the correct way to lift weights. He starts with how to warm up properly. How to take up the correct stance. How to lift weights.

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Under Supervision

Have a go at weightlifting yourself.

Each member of the class has the opportunity to try weightlifting for themselves. After the class is complete, now is the chance to compete against others - how much can you lift? Can you win a medal? Will you win the 1st prize trophy?

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UK HM Prisons and Young Offender Institutions

We work a great deal with HM Prisons for those people who have already entered the custodial system. Please read our testimonials to learn more.

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Youth Centres, Community Groups, Conventions

UK and Internationally

We work with youth groups, wherever they are. This might be a local youth centre, a local community group, church youth groups, etc.

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Champion Lift Ministry

We are a small non-profit making organisation based in Keynsham, Bristol, UK. Our team Leader is Ryan Morton who is a British Masters Silver/Bronze Medalist at Olympic style weightlifting. Our Co-ordinator is John Hays. Both Ryan and John have worked extensively with many church organisations to spread the word of the Gospel. Experience has shown us that both, prison inmates, and youths, are very interested in weightlifting, and whilst demonstrating the sport we share our experiences and lessons from the Gospel.

Ryan Morton
Team Leader
John Hays

The year 2012 is the year of the Olympics and interest in sport is at an all-time high. We want to engage with as many people as we can to help them look after their bodies to have a healthier life and also share with them the Gospel and promote a better spiritual life.

Through the disciplines of Olympic style weightlifting we hope to engender better self-disipline in people and discourage them from taking the "wrong" path.

For those people who have already entered the custodial system, we want to help them to regain control of their lives and show them that there is a better way.

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We're proud of our track record...

We always ask for feedback about our events. Why not read just a small selection of our testimonials.

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Champion Lift Ministry Events

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